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The Nine Muses of
Uranium Madhouse

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1. Patti Smith

2. Thomas Bernhard

Prince Saurau said: "But I talked about the flood and not about the play, for what else could I possibly have talked about that day, if not the flood! Naturally I could not think of anything but the flood. And your father thought of nothing but the play. As I became more and more preoccupied with the flood, your father became more and more preoccupied with the play, and insofar as I, speaking of the flood, was irritated by your father's speaking of the play, your father, speaking of the play, was irritated by me because I spoke of nothing but the flood. There was tremendous irritation!" the prince said. "Again and again I heard your father commenting on the play in the midst of my endless talk about the flood. The incredible, amazing thing was," the prince said, "that as the time went on I spoke more and more about the flood and nothing else and your father spoke about the play and nothing else. And your father spoke more and more loudly about the play, and I more and more loudly about the flood. Loudly, equally loudly, at the same time, both of us, your father and I went on, he speaking about a tremendous play, I about a tremendous flood. And then," the prince said, "there came a period in which both of us spoke exclusively about the flood, followed by a period in which we talked of nothing but the play. But while we were both talking about the play, I was thinking only about the flood, and while we were talking about the flood, your father was thinking only of the play; while your father thought of the play, my thoughts were with the flood. If we talked about the flood, I thought that your father wanted to talk about the play; if we talked about the play, I wanted to talk about nothing but the flood." -- Gargoyles by Thomas Bernhard

3. Sandra Bernhard (no relation)

4.Antonin Artaud

5. Blink-182

6. Gena Rowlands/John Cassavetes (with an assist from Patti Smith)

7. Keith Olbermann

8 Years of the Bush administration in 8 Minutes

8. Miranda July

9. Baron de Charlus of Proust's In Search of Lost Time

"What would prevent me from questioning her about those thrilling times is the sensitiveness of my olfactory organ. The proximity of the lady is enough. I suddenly say to myself: oh, good lord, someone has broken the lid of my cesspool, when it's simply the Marquise opening her mouth to emit some invitation. And you can imagine that if I had the misfortune to go to her house, the cesspool would expand into a formidable sewage-cart...They tell me that the indefatigable old streetwalker gives garden-parties. Myself, I would describe them as 'invitations to explore the sewers."--Baron de Charlus, in Sodom and Gomorrah by Marcel Proust.

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